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Copy of FREEDOM Full Protection Windshield Cover - 50% OFF TODAY ONLY

Copy of FREEDOM Full Protection Windshield Cover - 50% OFF TODAY ONLY

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❄️Winter time necessity 😎 😍Say Goodbye to those hard days trying to get in your car and drive. No more freezing cold hands!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Are you tired of waking up every morning to a frosty windshield? Our windshield cover traps heat to prevent the unwanted winter buildup so you will no longer need to scrape away the ice and snow, saving you precious time and improving visibility while on the road.

Full Protection Windshield Cover is double sided windscreen cover which can be used in the hot bright sunny days as well as in snowy winter days. In the winter it is as easy as placing this Full Protection Windshield Cover on your car’s windshield with suction cups and then shaking it off to remove snow. No more windshield scratching, no more freezing cold hands. Also helps protect your car from theft by connecting it to the belt.
  • How it helps in snowy conditions

  • How it helps in snowy conditions
  • How it helps in snowy conditions
Stop cleaning car windshields in the winter, and keep your car cool in the summer. 
Full Protection Windshield Cover is perfect for all seasons. With the black side of the cover facing, get protection from snow and icy conditions. While with the silver side facing out, get protection from extreme sunlight. The silver edge works by reflecting the incoming sunshine, protecting the car and its interior from overheating.
Get your own Full Protection Windshield Cover now!
Quick installation
  1. Spread the cover on your car windshield
  2. Let the magnetic edge firmly cover the car wipers area
  3. Secure the flaps with the door closed.
  4. Secure it by attaching the bungee straps to your wheels.
Product details:
Full Protection Windshield Cover with Mirror Covers: 210cm*120cm (length * width ), universal models
There are 6 magnets on each product that are attached to the car's outer casing.
  • Instant mirror visibility
  • Stretches over regular size mirrors, suitable for pickups
  • Pull string and security tab against theft
  • Suitable for all small, medium and large vehicles
  • High quality and scratch resistant material

👇Magical car ice scraper for easy removal of frost, snow or ice👇

THE WINTER ACCESSORY THAT WILL SAVE YOU HOURS! Keep your side view mirrors free from ice, snow, frost, birds, dust. Instant mirror visibility, Removes in seconds, Pull string and security tab against theft. No longer break your nails or credit cards scraping ice off your tiny mirrors. Each mitt comes with a security tab you can place inside to door to prevent theft. Features ▪ Water Proof ▪ Machine Washable ▪ Quick and easy installation.